《Vue 8教程(阿凡达-环境主要创作软件VUE教程)》(AsileFX – Getting Started with Vue 8)

中文名Vue 8教程(阿凡达-环境主要创作软件VUE教程)
资源格式: 压缩包
发行日期: 2010年


最近的《阿凡达》可能是近十来年来最精彩的电影,环境特效方面的制作更是达一高峰! 主要环境编辑软件就是vuevue参与大部分环境制作!当然 那么多的空间模型、飞行器、角色建模和动画(类人和怪物、飞的、跑的)、集群动画、粒子特效、表情动画、动作捕捉。。。由综合的各软件来处理完成.vue 来主要打造3d自然景观(特别是那个神秘美好伟大神圣森林与树灵魂)!

AsileFXGetting Started with Vue 8 这是最新的一张VUE8视频教程.

目录分类: /ISO

官方网址: http://www.asilefx.net/catalog/product_inf…s_id=123

探索Vue 8无限版以及XStream最新强大的功能,综合制作环境。来创造惊人的场面。

这张教程中包括旨在教你如何有效地使用Vue 项目,涵盖了典型的使用方案的特点。教学开始的构造一个简单的场景。教你控制在Vue公司的四个主要操作类型,地形,材料,生态系统和大气。随着培训的进 行,你会潜入学习越来越多的工具和技术接口更深,以及它们的应用的使用,创造惊人的场面的重要性。


Explore the features and workflow of Vue 8 Infinite and xStream standalone. Immediately dive right into this amazing application and learn to create amazing scenes. This training is useful to all Vue users, and requires no previous knowledge. Although, even advanced users will find this training helpful.

This training contains several projects designed to teach you how to use Vue efficiently, and covers features in typical usage scenarios. Learn to navigate in Vue and understand the users interface.
Learn time savers, rendering techniques, & more!

The first lesson starts with constructing a simple scene. Teaching you to control the four primary operation types in Vue;Terrains, Materials, Ecosystems, & Atmospheres. As the training progresses, you””””ll dive deeper into the interface learning more and more tools and techniques; along with their applied usage and importance in creating amazing scenes.

Content is also included with the training.Among it you will find scene files, materials, atmospheres, textures, and more.

Training Lessons
1. Quick Start Scene
2. Controlling Procedural Terrains, Landscape Materials, & the Sea
3. Infinite & Planetary Terrains, Spherical Scenes
4. Terrain Sculpting & Material Distributions
5. Autumn Scene
6. Spectral Clouds & Atmospheric animation
7. Understanding Wind & Breeze
8. Object Operations & Manipulations
9. Cameras, Navigation, & Rendering





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