Creating Urban Game Environments In 3ds Max(3dsmax创建城市游戏环境教程)

Course name: Creating Urban Game Environments In 3ds Max

Author: Adam Crespi

Duration: 05h 54m

Language: English

Exercise files: Yes

Creating Urban Game Environments in 3ds Max is a practical guide to building 3D cityscapes for games. In this course, author Adam Crespi constructs a city block in 3ds Max utilizing low-polygon modeling and advanced texturing techniques. The course shows how to model common city elements such as buildings, intersections, curbs, and roofs and explains how to expand a city quickly and easily by reusing existing geometry in a modular way. The course also sheds light on simulating real-world detail with baking, lighting, and ambient occlusion techniques and offers a series of best practices for exporting to the Unity gaming engine. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the design process and software requirements
  • Analyzing concept art for texture and key shadow detail
  • Planning differently styled buildings
  • Laying out city blocks
  • Organizing construction elements and models using layers
  • Cloning geometry and texture
  • Testing the module for correct floor-to-floor heights
  • Arranging, aligning and cloning modular elements
  • Building a texture library
  • Creating stone, wood, and brick textures
  • Constructing texture sheets
  • Drawing detail
  • Using occlusion as a foundation for dirt
  • Preparing for Unity as a world builder

在3ds Max中创建城市游戏环境,是建设城市景观3D游戏的实用指南。在这个过程中,作者亚当克雷斯皮构造一个城市街区,利用3ds Max低多边形模型和先进的纹理技术。显示如何模拟常见的元素,如建筑物的城市,十字路口,路缘石,和屋顶,并解释了如何通过重用现有的几何图形,快速方便地在一个模块化的方式来扩大一个城市。当然也揭示了烘烤,照明,环境闭塞技术模拟真实世界的细节,并输出到统一的游戏引擎,提供了一个最佳实践系列。带练习文件。


  • 了解设计过程和软件要求
  • 分析纹理和阴影细节的关键概念艺术
  • 规划不同风格的建筑物
  • 布局街区
  • 组织使用层的建筑构件和模型
  • 克隆几何物体和贴图
  • 测试模块正确的楼层高度
  • 阵列,调整和克隆的模块化元素
  • 建立材质库
  • 创建石材,木材,和砖的纹理
  • 构建纹理表
  • 绘画细节
  • 使用AO作为基础污垢
  • 为导入到Unity软件中作为世界生成器做准备

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      @T恤衫 非常不错的游戏开发工具,不过这个教程主要是在3dsmax里面完成的,直到最后才导入到Unity里面处理。如果感兴趣的话,可以学习下那个Unity软件:mrgreen: