– Photoshop for Designers: Textures(Photoshop制作贴图教程)

Course name: Photoshop for Designers: Textures

Author: Nigel French

Duration: 04h 38m

Exercise files: Yes

In this course, author Nigel French shows how to use textures to create visual interest, heighten realism, and add dimension to Photoshop artwork. The course demonstrates how to apply multiple filters and paint in effects with layer masks, combine textures with images using layer blending modes, use brushes to paint in and accentuate texture, and create brush presets by sampling textures from photographs. The course also shows how to automate the application of textures with actions. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

  • Using render filters
  • Applying textures with the Texturizer filter
  • Adding noise and film grain
  • Matching grain when cloning
  • Aging photos
  • Blending textures with layer masks
  • Applying texture to an uneven surface
  • Creating texture brushes
  • Building density with brush settings
  • Applying texture to type
  • Finding, downloading and installing actions

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