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Perfect Photo Suite 6.1, onOne software's award-winning product suite offers the best tools for photographers to maximize their creativity and solve common problems. It includes Perfect Layers for a layered workflow without Photoshop, Perfect Portrait for portrait retouching, Perfect Mask for replacing backgrounds, Perfect Effects, Focal Point, and PhotoFrame for creative effects, and Perfect Resize for image enlargement. In Perfect Photo Suite 6.1, these seven products work together seamlessly as integrated modules and also support your workflow however you work. Use Perfect Photo Suite directly from Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture—or use it as a standalone application.

What's New in Perfect Photo Suite 6

Perfect Layers, the central hub of the suite, for creating and editing layers

Perfect Portrait for intuitive retouching

Perfect Effects—the next generation of PhotoTools

Perfect Mask—the next generation of Mask Pro

Integrated modules

All products now work as standalone applications

Version 6.1 is a free update for owners of Perfect Photo Suite 6

Integrated Modules

Move effortlessly between modules in Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 and experience a seamless workflow while you edit your photos. For instance, you can start with retouching a portrait in Perfect Portrait, move directly to Perfect Effects to add a creative effect or photographic filter, and then move to Perfect Resize to resize and prepare your image for print. Just click the module at in the Suite menu bar to move from one to the other.

Perfect Layers

Designed specifically for photographers, Perfect Layers offers you the creative and editing power of layers outside of Photoshop. You can combine multiple exposures or composite images together for endless creative options. As the hub of Perfect Photo Suite 6.1, when used with Lightroom, Aperture, or as a standalone application, Perfect Layers helps you quickly create the images you envision.

Perfect Portrait

Perfect Portrait offers the latest innovations in portrait retouching for photographers. You can now focus on the art of retouching and portrait creation because the most time consuming tasks have been automated in Perfect Portrait.

Perfect Portrait automatically finds faces and features in your images so you can get directly to the work of retouching and enhancing an image. Improving skin texture and color, removing blemishes and enhancing features like eyes, lips and teeth has never been easier.

Perfect Effects

As the next generation of PhotoTools 2.6, Perfect Effects 3 gives you an even faster and more powerful way to create images with impact. Perfect Effects 3 includes a complete library of over 300 professional photographic effects, including popular Vintage looks and photo filters, that can be previewed live, full screen, on an image before being applied. Perfect Effects 3 now also includes blending options that provide even more control over how effects are combined and applied.

Perfect Mask

Perfect Mask 5 is the next generation of Mask Pro, the leading software for background replacement. Perfect Mask takes the core strengths of Mask Pro to another level, by automating many common masking tasks with incredible accuracy.

Perfect Mask's new masking technology makes selecting subjects and isolating backgrounds surprisingly easy. With Automatic Background Removal, an initial mask is made on your image and can then be fine-tuned using the Erase and Refine Tools. With these new features, you can create high quality masks in just a few clicks. You'll be amazed at how well this works even when masking tough subjects like hair and glass on complex backgrounds.

Works Where You Do

Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 works where you do by integrating seamlessly into your workflow. It works directly with Lightroom and Aperture and even as a standalone application. It also works as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements.








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