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Quickly create real-time fly-throughs by importing models and modifying materials, lighting, and the environment. With just some simple clicks you export your project to a neatly compressed executable so your project can run on other PCs with as much effort as clicking an icon.

When you are more experienced you can customize everything from front to end. You can change the rendering, shader details, object types or any other aspect. The unique graphical programming language allows you to see direct results in real-time and frees you from the unfriendly text editor which is usually required to program.

If you you are very demanding about your application you can grab the SDK and start building components for Quest3D using the SDK. The SDK is a great way to integrate support for specific hardware or provide extra functionality to Quest3D with the performance of C++.


The Quest3D can import 3D models in DXF, 3DS, OBJ, DAE, FBX and MAX* format. The quality of the importers is extremely high because of years of debugging and feedback from users. Importing can be a pain if it is not done properly. With Quest3D imports are easy and require no extra configuration.

Virtual camera

The rendering system is like having a virtual camera inside your computer. The fully High Dynamic Range calculations in Quest3D mirror the properties of real-world cameras effectively. You get realistic exposure and even the color characteristics of film. Special post-processing effects simulate effects like bloom and glare.

Natural environment

Many visualizations take place outdoors. With the Quest3D world building tools you can perfectly configure the lanscape you want. The procedural cloud and sky system use the position of the sun to create a convincing sky with perfectly lit clouds and sky colors. The landscape painting system automatically displays convincing rocks where needed and allows you to paint on different soil types. To complete the environment tools an ocean simulation is included to create situations off-shore or in costal areas.


Materials are an important part of any visualization. Materials can be clossy, smooth or bumpy. They can have vivid colors and deep colors. They can have subtle gradients and reflections and some materials are opaque while others are transparent. The materials interact with the excellent lighting technology to render convincing images. Materials are fully customizable up to the point of writing your own shaders for the GPU using HLSL (High Level Shader Language).

Amazing Lighting

Light is what turns a dull experience into a compelling breathing presentation. Proper lighting brings materials to life. The Quest3D lighting system automatically generates light and shadows from the sun, including the right color temperature. Additionally ambient lighting is generated and uses the latest lighting technology to generate diffuse shadows. For indoors and parking lots local lights are available to simulate man made light sources.

Fine grained customization

Quest3D is a perfect development tool. All these tools are at your disposal so customize the code of the 3D user interface and even the render engine. Using these tools you can start an application from scratch or modify the existing render engine.

Graphical programming

Quest3D uses a graph system for programming. This allows you to modify and develop the applications in real-time. You can break a link in the graph and directly experience the effects on screen. By removing the need for typing text and time wasting tasks like compilation development becomes more organic and intuitive.

software development kit

With the software development kit you can build your own components for Quest3D and build in support for specific hardware for example. The VR edition even comes with an extended SDK which allows for modification of many of the existing components.





http://jumbofiles.com/kw76bypc7ylk/Quest3D v5.0 Power.Edition.X32.CGP.rar.html




http://jumbofiles.com/8b0n5f8r19ru/Quest3D v5.0 Power.Edition.X64.CGP.rar.html


Quest3D 5 Full Version 32bit:


Quest3D 5 Full Version 64bit:



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