红巨人调色插件合集Red Giant All Suite for Adobe CS6 Win/Mac

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Red Giant All Suite for Adobe CS6 Win/Mac | 472.70 MB / 418 MB


Magic Bullet Product Installer:

Magic Bullet Colorista II

Magic Bullet Cosmo 1.0

Magic Bullet Denoiser II 1.2

Magic Bullet Frames 1.1

Magic Bullet Grinder 1.5

Magic Bullet Instant HD 1.2

Magic Bullet Looks 2.0

Magic Bullet Mojo 1.2

Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 1.5

Trapcode Product Installer:

Trapcode 3D Stroke 2.6

Trapcode Echospace 1.1

Trapcode Form 2.0

Trapcode Horizon 1.1

Trapcode Lux 1.2

Trapcode Particular 2.1

Trapcode Shine 1.6

Trapcode Sound Keys 1.2

Trapcode Starglow 1.6

Keying Product Installer:

Key Correct 1.2

Primatte Keyer 5.0

Warp 1.1

Effects Product Installer:

Composite Wizard 1.4.6

Holomatrix 1.2

Image Lounge 1.4

Knoll Light Factory 2.7

Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop 3.2

PlaneSpace 1.4

Psunami 1.4

Text Anarchy 2.4

ToonIt 2.1

Warp 1.1

Magic Bullet Suite 11 is the newest, hottest release of our definitive toolkit that brings professional tools to filmmakers everywhere. Designed by seasoned colorist and film director Stu Maschwitz, this Suite produces professional Hollywood-style results on an indie budget. Its nine essential tools let you capture the emotion of your subject, making your footage more personal and compelling. With the recent addition of Denoiser II and Looks 2, MBS 11 keeps outdoing itself, giving more expert products at an even greater savings. Whether you are creating a color treatment, adding a beauty pass or cleaning digital noise, Magic Bullet Suite helps create the final look that tells your story perfectly.

What's New

NEW! Denoiser II - Beautiful footage is right there under your noise. Our faster, rock-steady product for cleaning video noise is now available.

Looks 2 and Mojo are now compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5; Looks 2 is also supported in Sony Vegas Pro and Avid Media Composer.

All Magic Bullet products are now fully compatible with OS X Lion.

Free MBS 11.3 update includes new Denoiser II release for After Effects.

Already own MBS 10? Get a discounted upgrade to MBS 11, which is packed with more tools & greater savings.

Easy installation! Save time and effort with a Single Suite installer that uses one serial number for all products.

Looks 2 now features Red Giant Link, our new updater that notifies you of free updates and upgrade availability.

Trapcode Suite is the industry standard package for high quality broadcast design and 3D motion graphics. Its full-featured tools create beautiful realistic effects -- with an emphasis on flexible 3D content -- for text titles, animated backgrounds, logo treatments and VFX design. Trapcode Suite gives you 3D styled elements like a powerful particle system, volumetric lights and organic forms, all built for the After Effects 3D environment. Get nine addictive plug-ins at an affordable price for a comprehensive addition to your studio workflow.

What's New

One serial to rule them all: Now you can unlock all 9 Suite products with a single serial number.

New release of Form 2 adds amazing 3D object support and Particular 2 controls.

New update for Lux 1.2 adds 32-bpc support for your favorite 3D lighting tool.

Keying Suite is a complete set of professional tools that make your keying look seamless and sells the realism of your composite. Get great results for basic keying situations as well as multi-step composites and difficult shots like low light or choppy footage. The three plug-ins work fluidly between After Effects and Final Cut Pro, and save you time with a wide range of powerful features like spill removal, edge detail and wire rigging. From frizzy hair to transparent glass, Keying Suite takes you successfully from the initial matte to the final composite.

What's New

Updated Primatte Keyer 5 with a new streamlined interface and faster render speeds.

Now includes Red Giant Warp 1.1.

Keying Suite 11 includes Key Correct: The ultimate greenscreen companion.

Effects Suite gives you creative freedom and your work a truly professional appeal. From volumetric light flares to a believable cartoon look, these are everyday tools for distinctive visual effects. Effects Suite software has been used in feature films such as Titanic, Star Wars and Bourne Identity, and the package includes plug-ins that have served the visual effects community for years.

What's New

Knoll Light Factory 2.7.2 update fixes GPU crashes, 32-bit comp issue and other After Effects bugs. Read details in this blog post, and current owners get a free update.

Easy installation! Save time and effort with a Single Suite installer that uses one serial number for all products.

Now includes Composite Wizard, the classic After Effects compositing package that greenscreen artists know and love.

















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