Vue场景-The Winter Collection for Vue

The Winter Collection for Vue

Almost everything you need to create the perfect Winter scene.

This set contains:
- 24 Solid Growth trees (5 with Ecosystem icicles)
- 6 Solid Growth dead, snowy and frosted grasses
- 3 Solid Growth twigs
- 10 Plant and grass objects (VOB)
- 1 snow covered megatree with ivy growing up and around it’s trunk (VOB)
- 1 Snowplanes example object (VOB)
- 4 Ecosystem materials to get you started
- 5 Snow materials
- 2 Icy Water materials
- 1 Snowplane material

Yeah, this one is floating around, but this is the updated version, so another exclusive for VueGen.

A brief description of the update:
- Added 8 new solid growth trees (extra)
- Added 6 new solid growth plants (extra)
- Added new materials and ecosystems (extra)
- Added new static plant objects (VOB) (extra)
- Improved quality of most existing materials including those used on plants.


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