Vue水面素材包-Water Pack 2 for Vue

Water Pack 2 for Vue

There are 20 +1 mats in the pack (the +1 is Raindrops 2 that’s been modified and had a displacement added to the bump so it gives the appearance of the raindrops bouncing back up off the water).

Most of these mats are based on real rivers that I see often. The Severn always appears green and murky, the River Trent and Trent & Mersey Canal both of which run through the village where I live, and the Dee which runs in the valley just below where our holiday caravan is situated in Wales (gets used a lot for White Water Rafting so you can guess which mat is based on that!!). Then there are the many lakes that I’ve photographed often, both at home and around Wales. Some days they’re so calm they are almost mirror-like, and then other days they’re whipped up by the wind or pelted by the downpours of rain.


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